New to wakeboarding?

Welcome To The School of West Rock, there is no easier place to learn to ride.

Is it your first time wakeboarding (or has it been a while)?

Let's get you on the water!

The “School of West Rock” is our learn to ride program for everyone. No two riders are alike and everyone progresses at a different pace. Please take a look at the flow chart below and decide where you need to start. 


This is our "bunny hill"/ the class to take if you've never ridden. Book a spot for yourself or with a few friends and we guarantee to get you up in this 2 hour class. All equipment and coaching included. Have a larger group that needs to learn? Please call/ email and we'll get you set up!


"Next Steps"

Have you passed our "never ever" class and are ready to learn to carve, do surface 180s, etc? Book a "Next Steps" class. Capped at 4 riders. All equipment and coaching included.


"Slow Ride"

Have you wakeboarded before, have good board skills, & can carve on your toeside and heelside edges? You're ready for a "Slow Ride" on the main cable! Equipment & coaching included.
Class is capped at 15 riders. Slow Ride classes are available Tues: 12-2, Thurs: 4-6, and Sat & Sun 10-12 (starting mid May).


Need help deciding between a "Never Ever", "Next Steps", and "Slow Ride" class?

1. NEVER EVER = you have truly never wakeboarded ever or it has been a long time.

2. NEXT STEPS = you have ridden boat/cable before but do not have board control and would love to progress.

3. SLOW RIDE = you have ridden boat/cable, have board skills, but want to take it easy as you try cable out. Book a “Slow Ride” if you fall into this category.


Questions? Check out our “First Visit” page for a quick overview of the park and/ or EMAIL us at