Since 2014 we have met too many folks that have had a bad time on the boat getting yanked out of the water by their Uncle Joe or have slammed repeatedly off the dock at another cable park. Well….we want to erase those memories. If you are a first time rider or need a proper refresher course please look at our “First Visit” section.  After getting up to ride and learning board skills you will be on your way to riding on the full cable and progressing in a hurry! 

…because we’re sooooo extreme! Ha, not really.

1) Due to the surface area of a wakeboard it is the easiest version of “waterskiing” to teach at very slow and safe speeds.

2) When a rider falls they don’t have to deal with retrieving independent skis, which is a common occurrence behind the boat.

3) There is virtually unlimited potential for progression. Unless you give up you will find success at West Rock, and be on your way to learning new skills in a hurry.

A System 2.0 is a two tower cable system designed and manufactured by Sesitec. This modular cable system allows for wake boarding, waterskiing, and kneeboarding without a boat. Operated by a remote control, a system 2.0 pulls riders continuously back and forth in a straight line. Once riders learn how to navigate the corners at each end (imagine the shape of an infinity symbol) they are able to ride continuously back and forth. If a rider falls, our trained operators will simply “drive” the traditional waterski handle back to the rider, promptly getting the rider back up on the water. Our towers are 700 feet apart, so once riders are capable of navigating the turns they can ride a mile in a hurry. This is the system you will ride on for our “never ever/next steps” class.

Despite each system providing a similar upward pull from the cable, each has its advantages and disadvantages. System 2.0’s allow one rider at a time, whereas FSC’s allow for multiple riders at the same time riding in a circle around the lake. System 2.0’s provide private riding with NO need to swim and walk back to the starting dock upon a fall, therefore maximizing each riders time and energy to progress very quickly. FSC cables allow for more of a continuous ride and are more accessible to larger groups. We will always have at least one System 2.0 at our cable park because there is NO easier and safer way to learn to ride. Please call with any questions you might have for which to reserve for an amazing group event.

Yes! We require a reservation for every activity at West Rock. Especially, if you’re a first time rider. 

We want to maximize your time on the water regardless of skill level. Check out our “First Visit” section or call with any questions. 


Please call or email to book a private session. We would love to hear about your group and determine the best way to maximize your time on the water.

With 22 UNIT features we have one of the most dynamic layouts in the world for all skill levels. We have developed our park with all riding levels in mind. Many staff at West Rock have grown up in the sport and care deeply about its future growth, health and impact on the community.

We require children to be at least 7 years old (our oldest to date was 78!) for our “never ever/next steps” class. In order to ride the full cable, each child under 10 must take a lesson on the system 2.0. If you’re a water ski family with experienced children under 10 please call before booking. Thanks!

While cable waterskiing is very safe, we require every rider to wear the proper safety equipment (Coast guard approved CGA jacket & helmet). Remember if you don’t have it, we do! There is NO charge for life jackets and helmets at West Rock.

All riders must sign a waiver, but only need to do so once per season. Please save time at the park by doing so on our website at the link to our smartwaiver. Parents/legal guardians must sign for children under the age of 18. No exceptions.

Yes, we have everything you need for a great day on the water! Basic gear is always included in your cable pass (Helmet, CGA vest, and board w/bindings). We also carry wake skates if you have a background in skateboarding. If the weather/water is chilly we have a full selection of wetsuits available for rent.

Yes! We carry some of the best product in the industry: wakeboards, bindings, life jackets, helmets, wet/dry suits, sunscreen, and more. If we don’t have what you need in stock please don’t hesitate to ask if we can help track down what you need before buying online.

Please do! However, we do have a few restrictions. Unless you’re being paid to wakeboard please wear a coast guard jacket, and even if your name is on your board you should probably still wear a CGA vest. Additionally, if you plan on riding features you must use a board designed for that use. Older foam constructed boards with large molded fins are not allowed on the UNIT features.

Please go to “Rainout Line” on our homepage to check our most current operating schedule and notifications about weather/maintenance closures. Please stay in touch on facebook, instagram, and twitter for special events and all things West Rock. Typical hours are: 5 days in May, 6 days a week June to Aug, 5 days in September, and October is weather permitting.

All bookings must be prepaid in full. Our hope is to be gracious and understanding if you need to cancel last minute, but also do not want to turn other customers away if you are not going to show up. Please give us at least 24 hours notice for a cancelled booking otherwise you will pay 50% of your booking. If you need to cancel please clink the link provided in your confirmation email rather than calling in.  In the event of weather or a mechanical issue we make every effort to notify our customers ASAP and will refund/reschedule you.  Please stay in touch on social media and call if you have any concern about your booking because of weather. 

Give us a call or better yet, stop by and chat!