Wakeboarding for ALL!

Get the most out of your visit to West Rock and enjoy learning to ride together as a family with a coach by your side for a fun outing, birthday party etc. Book all 4 spots of a "never ever / next steps" class to get a private class OR book a spot for your children and hang out in the shade while you watch them learn a skill they'll have for a lifetime! We recommend 4 riders in each class, but if you have a group larger than that please call/email so we can accommodate you. (8-10 is the ideal number for two hours as a max). > 10 works a well, but we will need to bump you to a 4 hour session.

As riders progress, we have many “slow ride” classes on the main cable. Every summer we see riders start at zero, and end up riding countless laps, falling in love with a sport for years to come! Once they learn to ride, we have awesome memberships available to ride all season long!

2024 Camp Schedule

Every season we have the best “summer school” around for kids 7-15 as part of our “School of West Rock” learn to ride program.

CLASSES: We have two class options that run Monday - Thursday: 101 for first time riders, and 202 for riders with previous boat/cable experience. Your young rider will learn a skill they’ll have for a lifetime, progress a ton in a week, make new friends, and will have an absolute blast with our coaches all week.

This is the camp they’ll ask to go to every summer 😉

June: 10-13, 17-20, 24-28
July: 8-11, 15-18, 22-25
August: 5-8

COST: $200 per week.

Camp includes all equipment, but bring your own CGA/cable wakeboard/wetsuit if you have it.

BRINGS: Typical lake/pool attire: suit, towel, snacks, etc. On cooler summer days we will have wetsuits on a first come basis, but highly recommend riding in a cheap nylon jacket/wind breaker & nylon pants (aka “wake pants”) over your suit.

Make the most the the ENTIRE season!

1: Y PASS a “season pass” for our younger riders (7-15). Ride 2hrs a day (June - Aug) is $299 (ONLY $199 for riders that also book one week of camp…cheaper if you book multiple weeks of camp). Book your camp, and contact us to get the Y Pass discount.


Part of the Midwest Wake League, a summer cable wakeboarding league for riders 11 - up! Our focus is on building community/friendships, practice to progress your riding, competing, & visiting other parks. 

Practices: Starting Mid May!
Event 1: @ West Rock June 22/23rd for the WWA US Wake League Midwest Regionals
Event 2: @ Action Wake Park - Friday July 12th
More events will be added!