Wakeboarding for Kids & Families

Get the most out of your visit to West Rock and enjoy learning to ride together as a family with a coach by your side . Book all 4 spots of a "never ever / next steps" class to get a class to yourself. Or book a spot for your children and hang out in the shade while you watch them learn a skill they'll have for a lifetime! We recommend 4 riders in each class, but if you have a group larger than that please call/email so we can accommodate you. We have some great beginner options for larger groups.

2022 Camp Schedule

Each season we have the best summer school around for kids between the ages of 7-15 as part of our School of West Rock learn to ride program.

We offer a 101 class for first time riders, and a 202 for riders that can already ride the full cable and are eager to progress their riding. Classes run from 9-12p each week. All equipment & coaching is provided.


COST: $175 (10% off for multiple children)

wakeboard flowchart