The talent in wakeboarding, for both boat and cable riding, is at an all time high. However, wakeboarding continues to struggle to find the best way to integrate competition as the sport progresses. One of the primary issues always seems to be matching varying talent levels to a format that best represents the sport, all the while being subjectively judged. We aren’t “anti” contests at West Rock. We simply want to keep the discussion rolling about a way forward, together.

Ripfest may not be the answer, but when you see a perfectly zeached 1080 on the rooftop in the recap video–it might just be.

Seriously though, Ripfest was arguably the most fun we had all season thanks to a concept from two guys (Dylan Mead & Hunter Thane) that care about wakeboarding’s future and the people in it. Influenced by many great snowboarding contests, Ripfest truly met each rider at their respective talent level, yet pushed everyone to progress and have a ton of fun along the way.

It was a total bummer that the 2018 “torrential downpour” theme continued into October which cancelled our original date, and prevented some riders from joining us for the make-up event. That said, definitely be on the look out for the 2019 Ripfest schedule. Until then, enjoy the recap video from Dylan Mead, the forthcoming snow/midwest slush season, and we’ll see you next year.

Show up for the rules. #ROCKFORDRIPFEST