New to West Rock? Start Here!

Sign a Waiver

Save time checking in! Fill out your waiver online here. All visitors are required to watch the WSIA safety video and complete a waiver before participating at WEST ROCK – no exceptions. If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent or legal guardian complete the waiver.


Choose your class from the “School of West Rock”!

No one learns at the same pace, but if you’re just starting out here is a great plan to get started at West Rock and become a life long water skier. Take all three classes and receive a FREE day pass with rentals. If you have basic skills and have waterskied/wakeboarded before please come ride with us anytime were open on the full cable. 

1. Are you a first time rider? Awesome! There is truly no better place to learn to ride than at West Rock during one of our “never ever” sessions. We recommend children 7 & older, but have taught as young as 4 and old as 78! Please click the “book now” tab to grab a reservation for up to 4 riders. The “never ever” session consists of a brief equipment orientation, on land training, and 2 hours of riding shared with up to 4 riders. All equipment and coaching is included, and we cap each 2 hour class at 4 riders so you are able to get ample ride time and personalized coaching . Please call ahead/email us if you need to bring a larger group of newbies OR want to schedule a birthday/group event.

2. Ready to learn how to carve, ollie, ride switch, try your first feature…or want to brush up on your skills before riding the full cable? Please book a “next steps” session on our System 2.0. We believe in building a strong foundation of board skills for everyone at West Rock. You will progress faster and without question have more fun on the water for years to come.

SLOW RIDE (“…take it easy”): $20
3. Already passed a “Never Ever or Next Steps” class? Have you wakeboarded/waterskied before but aren’t sure about this whole “cable thing”? You are ready to ride our world class full cable system. We recommend you ride your first full laps during one of our “slow ride” sessions to make the transition from the System 2.0 to the FSC. We will have a coach on the dock ready to help you take off for the first time.

Please join us for Slow Ride Saturdays & Sundays from 10-12. If a weekday works better for you we offer slow cable on Wednesdays from 4-6pm as well. These are great session for everyone to improve a lot in a hurry and not worry about the speed of the cable. $20

To avoid disappointment, please book a reservation if you’ve never ridden before or want to refresh your skills on the water.