We love riding behind boats, but they’re not needed here.

West Rock Wake Park's aim is to provide the opportunity to wakeboard to as many people in the northern Illinois area and surrounding region. Utilizing Sesitec’s revolutionary and environmentally friendly two tower straight line cable system, The System 2.0, we are able to remove all of the typical obstructions to a day on the water-a gas guzzling boat, the insurance needed for that boat, the trailer and truck/suv required to pull that boat,a driver and a spotter, and on and on…

Simply bring your gear or just a suit and a towel and we’ll see you at the lake!

$ 20.00 Per Person.
(Cable time shared with up to 3 other riders)
Each additional hour is $15.00.
$ 30.00 Per Person.
(Cable time shared with up to 3 other riders)
Each additional hour is $15.00.

Thank you for an amazing soft opening-stay tuned for announcements and our 2015 opening date!


To avoid disappointment, reservations are strongly recommended through the "ride today"tab. We have 4 slots on each cable per hour. Reservations are only available from 3-6pm on week days and 11-6pm on weekends. Please reserve one spot per person on either the beginner or advanced line. In our experience, first timers should book two hours on the beginner cable in order to have ample time to learn the basics. Please show up at least 15 minutes prior to your reserved session and expedite check in by signing waivers online. Legal guardians must sign for minors. Riders 12 and under with an adult/legal guardian are $12/HR.


Slider Board: $10/Session

Wakeskates -$10/Session

Stand Up Paddle Boards - $8 / Half Hour - $15 / an Hour

Special for 2014!

All Passes include beginner board & boots, helmet, life jacket and instruction.

*Approved slider boards are required for use on jumps and rails*


(FREE for 2014) For every $20 spent on cable passes and gear rentals, 5 points are given as credit for future use.


Great for birthdays, church groups, bachelor parties etc. We recommend 4/5 riders per hour but guests are not limited to how they choose to utilize their time. All basic gear and instructions included. Slider boards/Wakeskates included in the advance hour rental. Please sign waivers online to expedite check in time at the park.

(Beginner Line): $100 for first hour, +$80 each additional hour.

(Advanced Line w/ features): $130 for first hour, +$100 each additional hour.

Please call or EMAIL to set up your time.

NO refunds. In the event of cable malfunctioning or inclement weather, cable time can be redeemed upon regular operation. We reserve the right to restrict repeated "no shows" from reserving cable time.

**Legal guardians need to sign for minors.
Sign Waiver

Growing up in a family who’s default summer vacation involved trailering a boat to a cabin on a lake somewhere in the midwest put me in a fortunate situation to learn how to water ski at an early age. On most mornings, just after sunrise, my dad would whisper to my brother and me, “it’s glass, get up!”. On one of those trips to a favorite lake of ours we bought the early form of a wakeboard in the early 90’s. As the years went on I continued to fall more and more in love with wakeboarding, I attended camps in Florida, competed in regional competitions, and have taught countless neighbors, friends, and families how to ride along the way.

Traditional wakeboarding behind a boat has grown in popularity since the mid-90’s. However, industries have had to adapt to the demand of performing traditional practices in a more environmentally friendly and efficient way. Water skiing and wakeboarding are of no exception. While they have been around since the mid-1960s, 5 to 6 tower cable wakeboarding parks have seen exponential growth in recent years here in the States and all over the world.

In 2006, Sesitec developed a smaller modular two tower cable system, the “System 2.0”. This new, innovative and mobile System 2.0 revolutionized what was once unthinkable for wakeboarding by making it possible to take the sport anywhere. They have been set up in large, indoor venues like boat shows or for exhibitions in unique locations. But most importantly, the system 2.0 has made lakes, such as Levings, ridable. Although rider capacity is limited to one rider at a time, the System 2.0 provides a safe, quiet, and personal way to learn how to ride. For the first-timer and pro alike, progression happens quickly due to the amount of uninterrupted time on the water, riding continuously back and forth between each tower. Plus, with the variety of features on the lake, advanced riders will have endless opportunity for growth in the sport.

So with the combination of a lifelong love for waterskiing—especially wakeboarding, and with a watchful eye on the progression of cable parks all over the world, my wife and I made it our mission to bring this amazing sport and opportunity to Rockford, IL and ultimately to Levings Lake. An ideal day for us has been and always will be a day on the lake to ride and hang out with our family and friends. By partnering with the Rockford Park District, Sesitec USA, Alpine Bank, Slingshot Sports, Oneill, Shred Ready Helmets, and Hitcase we hope to provide a summer full of those days for you, your family and your friends. Can’t wait to see you there!

The list of thank you’s for this project seeing the light of day is a long one. If you are a cable wake park owner or a friend/family member of ours you have likely heard from us….a lot! West Rock Wake Park cannot thank you enough for your wisdom and support in helping us grow the sport in our area. Thank you to the city of Rockford, Winnebago County, COM Ed, RLDC, SWIFTT, Chris Rushing, Beachwatch, and the various local business professionals that have supported this project. In fact, please head down to the Rockford Art Deli, buy a T, and tell them we sent you.

Most importantly our thanks and gratitude ultimately land with the Rockford Park District (pretty much every department) and Sesitec USA. We have been amazed by the character and integrity that make up each respective company and their commitment to helping West Rock Wake Park open. There is a list of names that I’ll leave nameless for now that have worked tirelessly for this project. However, many at West Rock will know to approach them with at least a “high five” or even go in for a hug—without them, this doesn’t happen.

Dan & Amy Jarrett
West Rock Wake Park-2014

Coming Soon

Jam Sessions, Ladies Rides, Camps, SUP classes, private parties, and more.


- Every rider (guest and employee) will sign a waiver. A parent or legal guardian of a minor must be present to sign the waiver. No exceptions.
- Always wear a CGA vest and helmet.
- Always follow instructions from the operator.
- Users must be competent swimmers.
-Users must inform the wake park staff of any disabilities, injuries or health problems.
-Users must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
-No swimming/wading in the water by the start docks. Please use Stanfield Beach.
-Ensure the rope is not tangled around your body or any body parts before assuming the water start position.


- Raise your hand in the air for 2 seconds to inform the operator you are okay.
- Swim to the center of the cable and hold onto the handle.
-Make sure that the rope is not tangled around your body or any body parts.
- Hold handle up to signal operator when ready to resume riding .
- Assume the start position ready for the deep water start.


- Please read posted WSIA safety signage
- Riding a System 2.0 can cause personal injury, use at your own risk
- Only riders booked into the current session are allowed on the start dock
- Do not distract the operator
- Riders must meet the ability standards before they can use any features.
- No climbing on the System 2.0 Towers
- No Diving
- Must be 7 years or older to ride.


- Before you can hit the features you must be able to complete the following wakeboard maneuvers whilst remaining in control of your board:
- Hold an aggressive heelside and toeside edge
- Negotiate corners
- Ollie
- Turn the board from regular to switch and back
- Ride switch at least 100m
- Ollie to switch


- Using features can lead to excessive wear and damage to your wakeboard
- Using features may void your boards warranty, check with your local retailer
- Use of features can cause personal injury, use at own risk.

**Legal guardians need to sign for minors.
Sign Waiver

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Historic Levings Lake

1420 S Pierpont Ave

Rockford, Illinois 61102


Thank you for an amazing soft opening-stay tuned for announcements and our 2015 opening date!

Please check Facebook & Twitter for hour changes, and unexpected closures due to weather, etc.

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